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Web Design, Hosting & Maintenance

Offering you various web design solutions tailored to your business needs along with dedicated hosting solutions. Also giving you the right maintenance plan to suits web package.

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Smart Simple Design Package

Smart Simple web design package is the small entry level design package for new comer businesses and Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It is very useful for individuals and small organizations that need to inform visitors to the site about the company’s products and services.

The designed website is a 5 page static website with contact forms fully automated with a dynamic auto-responder email function encoded in PHP Programming language.


Full High Definition (HD) Images optimized for web Pages

Fully Functional contact forms with Dynamic auto-response emails.

Search Engine optimized to precise searches to your site.

Free Upload to Hosting Server

Site advertisement on linked sites FREE

Social Network Optimization

Design Rating

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Flat-Rate IT Support

True Managed Services is the transfer of IT risk from the customer to the provider for a fixed, all-included fee. In this arrangement, the provider is on the hook to fix things but can’t come back and demand additional hourly fees.

Co-Managed IT Service

We frequently meet companies that have existing internal IT staff that are not delivering to the level the organization requires to transition their IT investment from a necessary position to a competitive advantage.

       With an affordable service plan from WEBiT, you can: