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Web Design, Hosting & Maintenance

Offering you various web design solutions tailored to your business needs along with dedicated hosting solutions. Also giving you the right maintenance plan to suits web package.

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IT Consulting Services

WEBiT Digital Solutions provides IT Services to meet the demands of the fast moving Information Technology environment.  Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we will design tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

Take advantage of our IT industry expertise and specialist skill sets, together with an independent perspective, to provide solutions for existing challenges and for future planning.

IT Professional Services


In today’s business and networking environment, it is vital to have the correct skills in place to respond to the core needs of the business. Often it is impractical to recruit highly skilled technical personnel for problems, issues or technical initiatives that require infrequent attention.  “Outsourcing” this technical labour component is a viable and cost effective option for many organizations, as it enables them to take advantage of highly skilled external resources.

As your Information Technology outsourcing partner – we will take over the day-to-day accountability for the availability of your Information Technology infrastructure.  We will manage the performance through system housekeeping, remote monitoring and fast on-site response when needed.

The first step in any engagement is spending time with you to clearly understand your business needs to design an IT plan that will ensure our professional services deliver to your required outcomes.

WEBiT Professional Services provides the resources, knowledge and expertise, so you do not have the worry about keeping up with the latest Information Technology trends, maintaining skilled staff and keeping their training up to date.

Contact us and take the first step to start obtaining the best out of your Information Technology Services.

I.T Consulting & Professional Services

Flat-Rate IT Support

True Managed Services is the transfer of IT risk from the customer to the provider for a fixed, all-included fee. In this arrangement, the provider is on the hook to fix things but can’t come back and demand additional hourly fees.

Co-Managed IT Service

We frequently meet companies that have existing internal IT staff that are not delivering to the level the organization requires to transition their IT investment from a necessary position to a competitive advantage.

       With an affordable service plan from WEBiT, you can:

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