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Offering you various web design solutions tailored to your business needs along with dedicated hosting solutions. Also giving you the right maintenance plan to suits web package.

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Flat-Rate IT Support

True Managed Services is the transfer of IT risk from the customer to the provider for a fixed, all-included fee. In this arrangement, the provider is on the hook to fix things but can’t come back and demand additional hourly fees.

Co-Managed IT Service

We frequently meet companies that have existing internal IT staff that are not delivering to the level the organization requires to transition their IT investment from a necessary position to a competitive advantage.

       With an affordable service plan from WEBiT, you can:

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, it might be time to move to Cloud Services

Why Cloud? IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service):

Gone are the days of outlaying enormous costs only to be stuck with a fixed number of server resources until the next budget period.  Improve your business’ cash flow by leasing the resources you need now and dynamically increase or decrease those resources according to business requirements.

WEBiT Cloud infrastructure services are provided on-demand, with a true pay-as-you-grow model with no up front costs. Consume on demand at optimum performance, so you can accelerate time to market while innovating at a lower cost of ownership.

Our Cloud services are provided:

    On enterprise equipment

    With guaranteed power continuity

    24/7 manned security

    With a dedicated team of experts in their field to manage the equipment

    Ensuring an unequaled quality of service and availability

10 Reasons to use WEBiT Cloud Services

  1. Start and scale capacity in minutes when you need it and pay as you grow.  Can be deployed quickly and incrementally at low cost and effort.
  2. Standardized configuration simplifies choices and reduces integration effort.
  3. Deploy our Cloud in a Box appliance inside your Data Centre and meet your unique security requirements, at less than half the price of offerings from ’Tier-1 vendor’ appliances.
  4. Private Managed Cloud allows you optimize IT resource consumption at a lower cost of ownership
  5. Leverage your own class of service WAN to set application priorities and hence avoid bottlenecks.
  6. Traffic to and from the WEBiT Cloud stays within the corporate network, as an extension of your network connected via secure site-to-site VPN Gateway.
  7. We adhere to the ISTC Act regulations and requirements.
  8. Experience up to 10 times lower latency with our Australian points of presence.
  9. Bandwidth efficiency achieved via pay as you consume.
  10. Responsive and high quality 24/7 Windhoek based support.

Ready to talk to us about whether cloud is right for you?  Contact Us or Get a quote.

Cloud Services

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