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Web Design, Hosting & Maintenance

Offering you various web design solutions tailored to your business needs along with dedicated hosting solutions. Also giving you the right maintenance plan to suits web package.

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CCTV Hardware & Software

Our range of CCTV hardware & accessories complements our portfolio of IP cameras, video recording solutions and networking equipment to provide a complete IP CCTV offering suited for network camera installations of any size. As with our choice of camera and recording equipment, all accessories we offer are of established manufacturers and a high quality standard.

Security cameras don’t have to be the big, bulky models frequently seen in movies. Options range from small and discreet to front-and-center prominence, allowing you to choose how to handle your security. Larger, more obvious surveillance cameras can deter potential troublemakers by their sheer presence, while small cameras can be tucked away to ensure that, no matter what happens, everything is safely recorded.

We offer many different styles of security cameras, from dome models that look just like light fixtures to wireless cameras and even those that feature night vision. Whether you’re looking to protect your interior or exterior, we have the right style and capabilities for you. Some models even offer the option to record events directly to DVR, ensuring that you’ll always have fast access to the footage you need, especially in the event of an emergency.

From inexpensive, discreet units to highly advanced rotational scanners, security cameras can protect your home, business and personal possessions.


In addition to the supply of equipment, we provide free helpdesk support to our customers and also offer installation, training and system commissioning. We can help you with system design, choosing the right camera and provide advice on compatibility and functionality between products.

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Flat-Rate IT Support

True Managed Services is the transfer of IT risk from the customer to the provider for a fixed, all-included fee. In this arrangement, the provider is on the hook to fix things but can’t come back and demand additional hourly fees.

Co-Managed IT Service

We frequently meet companies that have existing internal IT staff that are not delivering to the level the organization requires to transition their IT investment from a necessary position to a competitive advantage.

       With an affordable service plan from WEBiT, you can: